The assignment talks about the |COMU 315 Intercultural Communication -Civic Engagement Signature. So, this Civic Engagement signature writing assignment fulfills the Institutional Learning Outcome.

COMU 315 Intercultural Communication -Civic Engagement Signature

COMU 315: Intercultural Communication. Rev for 2020 Civic Engagement Signature Assignment Week 8 (80 pts.) This Civic Engagement signature writing assignment fulfills the Institutional Learning Outcome 3. Civic Engagement: Describe insights gained from engaging physically and/or intellectually with activities of personal and public concern. That are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community. Part 1: Prospectus . So, In a minimum of 750 words, write a prospectus and addendum (Parts 1 and 2) for an initiative for your communit. That would address an issue raised in this course that touched your compassion or anger.

COMU 315 Intercultural Communication -Civic Engagement Signature

For context, a prospectus is “a preliminary printed statement that describes an enterprise. (Such as a business or social service enterprise) .. That got distributed to prospective funding sources or other interested parties.” Include the following categories: • The Call. Also,  Include a pitch, how you would persuade the audience or reader. • The Need: The need should respond to your observations in your community. Include evidence of need, and reference this evidence as well as you can. • The Response: Describe how your organization will respond to the need. • The Ask: In some detail explain the action that you wish for your audience or reader to take. • Contact information: Include contact information needed to take the next step.

COMU 315 Intercultural Communication -Civic Engagement Signature

Part 2: Addendum (submit in the same document as the prospectus). • Write an explanation that justifies why you chose this project to address a need in your community. • Reflect on insights you gained from this community engagement. Other considerations: If you were going to use this product for your community work, you would also include a budget. As well as a rendering or other related material as seen in the Portland Affordable Housing example. It is not necessary for this assignment, but you may include as you see fit.

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