The assignment focuses on Innovation contribution to competitive advantage assignment. You are required to study on innovative approaches that contribute to organisation improvement.

Innovation contribution to competitive advantage assignment

Question: How does innovation contribute to competitive advantage? Support your answer with illustrations from both manufacturing and services. ***Note for Writer: Hi, I hope all is well and thank you for having a read through! I appreciate it. Please see all uploaded documents. The first document is regarding the marking scheme that will be used by our Lecturer to grade our essays. The second document is the MOST IMPORTANT of all. It is about the structure and the factors that our lecturer wants to see in our essay, in order to answer this question effectively. The third document is the core text book that we have used this year, Chapters 1,2&3 seem to be the most relevant to answer this question (please try to refer to the textbook for core content – but of course please use other sources too).

Innovation contribution to competitive advantage assignment

The fourth and fifth documents are the first two lectures and the most relevant for this question. And lastly, the final document is an academic /journal reading that seems to be useful. In terms of sources/references: I have stated 20 but that is only a guideline, if you can include more please feel free to do so but please bear in mind that I am more concerned on the quality of the essay rather than just filling the essay with random sources! Also, please try to use a mix of sources: academic journals (key authors), newspapers, databases etc. They will all be helpful. If you do have any problems with the documents uploaded or any aspects that needs further explanation, please do reach out and let me know, asap. Let’s please achieve a First Class Essay. Thank you very much for your time!

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