The assignment focuses on Infrastructure Management, Deployment and automation. Besides there is a description of Development and Operations Processes. So, Develop appropriate theoretical underpinnings to the approaches. 

Infrastructure Management and automation -Development and Operations Processes

Evaluate the literature on development and operations within the context of infrastructure management, deployment and automation.. Critically Analyse various tools and techniques used in the field of DevOps including the management of appropriate technologies. Come up with appropriate theoretical underpinnings to the approaches used within the DevOps environment/cultureACME Developments is a software development house that is currently responsible for the development of web-based software Magister. Currently the ACME Development team have an SDLC as shown below in figure 1.0 You have brought in as a Senior DevOps consultant. You have identified that this is this is a poorly implemented, irrational and separates the workflow of both the development and operations teams. As such the whole process requires significant investment and organisational development. 

 Infrastructure Management and automation -Development and Operations Processes

Ops Culture. development & Operations Processes. Continuous Integration & Testing Configuration Management
· Automated deployment and monitoring solutions – as a blend of private and public cloud. Furthermore, your personal standing as a DevOps expert and academic researcher has noted and the prestigious Journal of all things DevOps (JOATDO)haveinsisted that you write your findings as a research article. As such, you are to present this as an academic paper that meets the standards for publication in the JOATDO.  The document will therefore have to contain in one form or another abstract, Introduction, Literature review/background, results, discussions and conclusion.

 Infrastructure Management and automation -Development and Operations Processes

In addition, a supplementary self-assessment appendix is to required. This appendix will contain your reflections upon how you approached the research task, what steps you feel you could have improved upon and based upon the HE7 marking criteria what grade you objectively give the work. Have a look at for some indications of what should be in a computer science paper. Also note that the template that is available on this site and in Moodle MUST used. There are immediate issues that need resolving and to help ease some of the pain and you have prioritised the following areas for research as part of the creation of an appropriate DevOps pipeline:

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