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Question 1: Explain thedifference between Systems development life cycle (SDLC) and Axiomatic DesignMethodology. Identify similarities and difference. 




Question 2: DescribeNon-Functional Requirements (NFR) and taxonomy for addressing Non-FunctionalRequirements. Taxonomy examples for NFR Availability, Maintainability,reliability, compatibility, adaptability


Reference: Page 69-


Question 3: Identify how the characteristics ofreliability and maintainability affect sustainment in systems designactivities. (First define reliability and maintainability and identify howit impact system design and their importance).


Question 4: Identify and describe how thecharacteristics of availability, operability, and testability affectsustainment in systems activities. (First define availability, operability, andtestability, and identify how it impact system design, and their importance).