Information literacy skills are important in all aspects of your personal, academic, and professional life. These skills are used in many ways such as when finding sources to support opinions, critically analyzing information for accuracy, and when conducting research to inform decision-making. The process of finding and using information is continuous. According to von Winckelmann and Garcia (2021), research is ongoing inquiry; it is all about asking questions and remaining open to new ideas that are discovered during the process. For this discussion, reflect on how you have used information literacy skills in your everyday life, and how you can apply the research process to the Week 5 Wikipedia Stub Article Expansion final project.


Identify a major purchase or event in your life such as buying a car, selecting a college, completing a Do-It-Yourself project, creating a project at work, purchasing appliances, or planning an event.


Reflect on the steps you went through when researching a major purchase or planning for an event. In your reflection,


Explain how you applied the steps of the research process from Section 1.3 of the textbook as you conducted your inquiry. If you missed a step, explain why.


Describe the connection between information literacy and the inquiry you conducted to support your decision-making process.


Discuss how using the steps of the research process may help you complete the Week 5 Wikipedia Stub Article Expansion final project.