Information Literacy Narrative-

For this assignment, you will write a short (3-4 page) essay that addresses the following question: Which information literacy disposition, skill, habit, or practice from the Framework is the most important one for you to develop to build your authority on your topic? This essay should consist of: Two paragraphs explaining your topic and what draws you to it (note: you dont need a specific thesis yet–a general topic is fine) Body paragraphs addressing the above question in light of your topic A Conclusion You can support your argument with any of our course readings, as well as additional primary sources (your own experience, an interview, etc.) and secondary sources (other relevant articles or research). Make good use of the research and writing activities you have completed up to this point in the semester–you are more than welcome to reuse writing from smaller assignments toward your Major Assignments, and Ive tried to design them to that end!