The assignment talks about The New Deal in 1933-1939-industrial and agricultural recovery. So, describe how the New Deal provided relief for the unemployed

The New Deal in 1933-1939-industrial and agricultural recovery

U.S. History from 1877

The New Deal…1933-1939

According to the Constitution, one purpose of government is to “promote the general welfare.”  Yet the Constitution does not guarantee the economic well-being of U.S. citizens.,,

.Use your historical inquiry methods (i.e. ESP/123… along with who, what, when, why, where, and how examples) of response. To expound on the questions below….each correct answer is worth 6points.

1.       Firstly, describe how the New Deal provided relief for the unemployed.

2.       Secondly, explain how the New Deal promoted industrial and agricultural recovery.

3.       Thirdly, discuss the New Deal goals for the Tennessee Valley Region.

4.       Thirdly, recount how the Roosevelt administration addressed the concerns of African Americans and American Indians.

5.       Fourthly,discuss the criticisms armed at the New Deal.

6.       Fifthly, recount how the Second New Deal enabled President Roosevelt to win re-election easily in 1936.

7.       Sixth, describe how Roosevelt tried to prevent the Supreme Court from overturning his programs.

8.       Analyze how the Second New Deal benefited labor and agriculture.

9.       Explain the Roosevelt recession, and describe the effect it had.

The New Deal in 1933-1939-industrial and agricultural recovery

10.   Discuss the effects and affects of the Dust Bowl.

11.   Explain how New Deal agencies used photography to promote their goals.

12.   Describe how the New Deal improved the lives of ordinary Americans.

13.   Also, explain how Federal Project Number One aided writers and artists.

14.   Additionally, identify the common themes that emerged in the novels, films, and plays of the New Deal Era.

15.   Describe how music evolved in the 1930’s.

16.   Discuss the subject matter that influenced American painters in the 1930’s.

17.   Also, How did criticism of the First New Deal shape the Second New Deal?

18.   How do New Deal programs affect the lives of U.S. citizens today?

19.   What actions did people from various ethnic and racial groups take in the 1930’s to expand their economic and political opportunities?

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