This assignment talks about Individualistic attitudes lead to divisive behavior. The source for this assignment must be any published (non-internet) paper, journal, or magazine.

Individualistic attitudes lead to divisive behavior assignment

2-page assignment

 Submit article and review, specifying why or how it represented a well-reported article that cited research results.

 Find an article in the general news/mass media (USA Today, Time, US News & World Report, etc.) that does a good job of citing research findings.  This can be on any topic. The purpose is to demonstrate that research appears in main-stream literature and, when reported correctly, can be very useful to the readership for which it was intended.  The source for this assignment must  any published (non-internet) paper, journal, or magazine.  Please use the same formatting instructions as stated above.

Include a copy of the article and explain how/why this work helps clarify the research findings.  Once you locate an article on the topic that meets these criteria. Besides, you must write a 2-page review of the article, citing what you learned from the subject and about how quality research is done.  So, please format in APA. Title Page, paging, in text citations, and a Reference Page with full reference must includePlease include article reviewed

Individualistic attitudes lead to divisive behavior assignment

1-page assignment

Survey Instrument

Develop a questionnaire that has at least 25 questions, include demographic questions. Also,  these questions must clearly relate to the hypotheses that you’ve posited.  You must conduct a pilot study of your instrument whereby you will ask at least 10 people to take the survey and provide feedback on the clarity, breadth and duration of your survey.  You will then use the feedback from your pilot study to make necessary revisions to the instrument.  Finally, you must discuss the steps you have taken to ensure that your survey will yield valid and reliable results.

Hypotheses- Best states the objective of the research and focuses our attention

Original Question: “do individualistic attitudes lead to divisive behavior?”

Formed Hypothesis: Individualistic attitudes have a negative impact on an individual’s ability to empathize with others. 

Detailed Instructions


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