Detailed Instructions


Drawing from feedback in your group presentation, for your summative assessment you are required to write a proposal explaining how you propose to develop your entrepreneurial idea into a substantial new venture (max. 3,000 words). Students’ development proposal must be based on the entrepreneurial idea in their group presentation & should: (1) Explain the unique value proposition of your entrepreneurial idea & (2) Explain, in detail, the development pathway that you propose to take with your proposal, taking into account at least one alternative venture development pathway. In addressing (2) members of the group each choose & adopt a particular entrepreneurial perspective, for example  A) As founder-entrepreneur and CEO of the new enterprise.  B) As markets and marketing leader/expert (i.e. CMO) of the new enterprise

More about this task: 

Identify group presentation task and the feedback since they will be used to come up with the proposal required in this paper. The entrepreneurial idea will entail information that explains the distinctive value. Further, the entrepreneurial proposal will discuss the development pathway that fits the proposal. That should include the consideration of a suitable alternative to the venture development pathway. The discussion will also entail the identification of a specific entrepreneurial perspective. In addition, such identification will include the respective roles of the perspective such as the CEO or the marketing expert in the proposed business.

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