Detailed Instructions


Overview of PSY347 Research Report Assignment-

Your task is to write a research report as if you had conducted the study. Particularly, the report is to contain an introduction, results, and discussion section, and comply with APA style requirements for a research report. However, you do not need to include the Methods section in your report as the details about the study are provided in this document. That is, information about the materials and research procedure should be in the methods section at the end of this document

Please read the methods information to acquire a clear understanding of the nature of the study.

Specific PSY347 Research Report Research Questions

You need to develop the research questions into research hypotheses. Altogether, keep in mind that a research hypothesis needs to be specific and testable.

  • Is there a gender difference in belief in the paranormal?
  • Is there evidence to suggest that there is an effect of age on belief in the paranormal? i.e. Are younger people more likely to believe compared to older adults? For this you will need to partition age into three groups (Use RECODE command in SPSS)
  • How far are belief and anomalous experiences related to well-being?
  • Which variable or combination of variables is the best predictor of belief in the paranormal?

PSY347 Research Report

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