The assignment focuses on Indigenous contributions to Canada- refuting common stereotypes.

Indigenous contributions to Canada- refuting common stereotypes

 Students will select one of three essay topics listed below and write a research paper of 8-10 pages in length double-spaced. The basis for the grade will be the same as the first assignment (thesis statement, road map, sound logic etc.). In addition, students will need to synthesize outside research into the papers. Students should use at least five researched sources from academic peer-reviewed journal articles only.  (One of the five required articles  already included and listed below each topic choice). If you find a relevant (scholarly) book source. You may also use it in place of one of the 5 article sources.

Course materials can be used, but these sources will not be counted as additional sources and the majority of your analysis should come from non-course materials. Students should use other online sources carefully – only academic sources can be used. Besides, Online websites should  used cautiously as they may not be considered academic (do not use Wikipedia or any other similar websites and note that many websites for newspapers or magazines are not academic).

Indigenous contributions to Canada- refuting common stereotypes

Online resource can be obtained from: Topic: Indigenous Contributions For this essay, you are  to discuss the issue of Indigenous contributions to Canada. Your general framework should be that of refuting common stereotypes of Indigenous peoples as takers instead of contributors to the country we live in. You should focus on two areas of historical or contemporary contributions as well as the basis for ongoing contributions in the future. You may consider contributions from the following areas: military; Canadian cultural and national identity; economic development of Canada; medicines and/or food/ environmental considerations etc. One of the Resource: NoiseCat, Julian. “Slaying the Carbon-Consuming Colonial Hydra: Indigenous Contributions to Climate Action.” Development 59, nos. 3-4 (2016): 199-204.

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