Detailed Instructions


Throughout the course we have discussed important policy issues and the political, legal, social, ethical, and organizational ramifications. Your readings have provided a basis for the trends of the future and current issues in HR Policy.

With the knowledge gained, you are tasked to represent the Board of Directors of your organization in your selected industry. You are the top management team of the organization located (your choice of locations). You believe that productivity, quality of product, innovativeness, profitability (and/or cost effectiveness), and morale are much lower than they should be to meet the competitive and social challenges of the year 2019 and beyond. You will present a statement of management philosophy and a sketch of the basic human resources policies and procedures you believe will lead to the goals you seek. Members of the Board of Directors will be looking at (1) the soundness and innovativeness of your recommended program, (2) evidence of industry-study, interviews (if available), and library research, and (3) the quality of your presentation.

Requirements for the Overview of the organization: · Description of what the organization does and organizational structure. Be specific. You may include an organizational chart.

More about this task:

In this assignment, illustrate the trends of the future as well as the current issues in HR policy. The discussion will include the proposed program, which is aimed at improving morale and helping the employees to meet both the competitive and social challenges of the year 2019. The recommended program will be unique and have the capacity to demonstrate innovativeness to encouragement the probability of the proposed program to be considered. The proposed program will be supported by evidence from the literature and case study as a way of presenting compelling arguments. The discussion points will be identified strategically to come up with a flow of the arguments…

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