Implementation of IT Systems in the Company   2022 Latest Answers  

Implementation of IT systems is the complicated activity. While introducing a system or scaling up an existing system there are major issues to be covered. To ensure  

that the IT system indeed helps the organization to achieve better results it is fi rst  

important to study the existing business processes . This is suggested so that modifi –

cations can be made in the business processes in line with the IT systems that are  

implemented. Thinking of IT systems just for the fi rm is a dated view. Today everyone is talking of the IT ecosystem. The fi rm’s IT would extend to that of the suppliers and the buyers. In such cases there are important access rights to be given  

selectively. The major steps in implementation are as follows:

(a) Overall mapping of the existing organizational processes  

(b) Requirements Analysis  

(c) Choice of hardware and vendors  

(d) Choice of software and vendors  

(e) Overall planning of hardware and software (own-rent decision)  

(f) Cost of implementation  

(g) Time line for Implementation  

(h) Security analysis  

Here too the steps are not linear. All these factors have to be holistically