The paper talks about the Impact on Internal Audit- Business Cycle report.So,explore the impact on Internal Audit on Business Cycle through private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK.

Impact on Internal Audit- Business Cycle report

Research Topic: Explore the impact on Internal Audit on Business Cycle through private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK. CRITERIA 1) Introduction (20%) a) So,identify a research topic, develop aims and objectives, justified through reference to appropriate literature.

Secondly, Rationalise ,The introduction must be clear, exemplary and provides evidence of a complete understanding of the project expectation. The topic must be properly and concisely introduced: provides a brief and persuasive rationale for the selection of the problem, include a very clear research question, aims and objectives. Clear demonstration of the research purpose which clearly linked to the background of the problem.

Impact on Internal Audit- Business Cycle

2) LITERATURE REVIEW (30%) Firstly) Critically analyse a wide range of literature in accounting and finance. Excellent and thorough summary of the literature review. Distinguished quality of critical review that is up to date literature from both academic and credible sources. Literature used must be related to the research questions. Clearly identifies relevant theoretical framework(s): provides a rationale. 3) Research Methodology, Design and Methods (30%) Thirdly, Synthesise and critique the different methodological frameworks that influence research to inform and justify a research methodology. Also,Rationalise exceptionally clear explanation and justification of research philosophy, approach and methods for data collection.

Impact on Internal Audit- Business Cycle

Additionally,Describes if research is qualitative or quantitative or mixed methods. Provides a clear justification for selection of type in relation to research problem and research questions, includes a proper discussion of research design, the definition of population, sample size, determination and sample techniques used. Clearly describes the procedures used to conduct the study for sample recruitment, informed consent, maintaining data. Besides,Methodology to be used: qualitative Methods for collecting data: secondary data, survey, participants or companies used should be about 106-150.


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