Detailed Instructions


Examine the impact of the school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. -What were the issues? -What social, economic, cultural, political, natural, and technological effect of the school closures on students and their families, staff and administrators. -What are the methods of instruction that have been put in place. How does it provide for children with special needs? For dual language learners? How are teachers given support? How are they evaluated? What role do the parents play in this new method of instruction? -Support and illustrate your responses to these (and your own) questions, as well as your views with specific examples. – As an educational reformer and advocate, what would you do differently-reflecting class readings, discussions. Propose your plan carefully making specific and in-depth reference to readings and class discussions. You may interview teachers, assistant teachers, parents, and children if you have access to them or simply refer to your own point of view. 4 typed pages (double spaced, font 12) plus bibliography in APA format (*at least 3sources are expected).

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