The assignment focuses on Impact of sensory stimulation. Also, there is a description of geriatric population analysis. So, you are required to reflect upon the impact of sensory stimulation among the geriatric population.

Impact of sensory stimulation-geriatric population analysis

Fundamentals of nursing. Firstly, reflect upon the impact of sensory stimulation among the geriatric population. Secondly,Write a 5-paragraph paper describing how you would provide sensory stimulation for an older adult requiring home-health care. who lives alone in a small, cramped, and under furnished apartment. Thirdly, what nursing interventions would you implement? Remember to… It is well known that older adults are often vulnerable to malnutrition. This action research conducted to develop a nutrition education package for promoting healthy ageing and reducing risk of chronic diseases among older adults in a rural area

Impact of sensory stimulation-geriatric population analysis

This study designed and conducted in three stages. Including needs assessment, development of the package and analysis of acceptance among 33 older adults aged 60 years and over in rural communities. Also, 14 health staff members at rural health clinics. Subjects completed a questionnaire including socio demographic factors.

Impact of sensory stimulation-geriatric population analysis

Finally acceptance evaluation of the nutrition education package to content, graphics and design. Data analysed descriptively using numbers and percentages. Also, Follow APA guidelines ▪ See rubric for detailed grading requirements. The world is facing a situation without precedent: We soon will have more older people than children and more people at extreme old age than ever before. As both the proportion of older people and the length of life increase throughout the world, key questions arise. Will population aging be accompanied by a longer period of good health, a sustained sense of well-being, and extended periods of social engagement and productivity, or will it be associated with more illness, disability, and dependency? How will aging affect health care and social costs? Are these futures
inevitable, or can we act to establish a physical and social infrastructure that might foster better
health and wellbeing in older age? 

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