The assignment concentrates on Impact of Ferguson´s `principles. There is also an analysis of theories on leadership and management. So,  analyze the traditional principles of Leadership and management.

Impact of Ferguson´s `principles-theories on leadership and management

IMPACT OF FERGUSON’S PRINCIPLES AND THEORIES ON LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT. Description I would like to modify and add elements of the document of Literature review attached below which are the following: Firstly, in short explain Ferguson’s biography /background. Secondly, we have to explain the impact/and argue the impact of Ferguson´s `principles and theories on leadership and management. Thirdly, compare and analyze the traditional principles of Leadership and management with Ferguson´s. Fourthly, the Contribution of Ferguson’s principles and theories in business and what make them unique of the traditional ones. 5. What is the of value of Ferguson’s principles

Impact of Ferguson´s `principles-theories on leadership and management

6. The 9th point is missing and the 13th 7. The tenth point we have to talk about more in detail and the impact of the leadership on the organization and organizational behavior. Why do some leaders inspire and influence while others don’t? It’s a question that’s been puzzling researchers for decades. Over the years, a number of leadership theories have emerged to explain what leadership is, how it works and what it should aspire to be. These theories range from the idea of a single “Great Man” whose charisma influences others to follow to the observation that leadership styles must adapt to the context and situation.

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There are four main leadership and management theories: trait theories, behavioral theories, situational theories and influence theories.

Theory One: The Great Man Theory

The Great Man theory sees leadership as a heroic act of the individual. In other words, there’s something special about a person’s unique combination of qualities, personality traits and personal abilities that sets her up as a great leader and distinguishes her from all others.

Or to put it another way, leaders are born and not created.






The Great Man theory is compelling in its simplicity. For a long time, businesses have been turning toward individuals who possess the ability to inspire people toward a common goal, and to motivate and support them on the way to achieving this goal. People who exhibit these traits may find themselves in pole position in the leadership race, regardless of their other skills and limitations.

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