The assignment focuses on The impact of corporate earnings – Business Policy and Strategy. So, write a clear statement of the business problem or opportunity. Keep in mind that your report will be saying to the top management “ Here is the problem we are having. 

The impact of corporate earnings – Business Policy and Strategy

Corporate profits represents the portion of the total income earned from current production that accounted for by U.S. corporations. The estimates of corporate profits are an integral part of the national income and product accounts (NIPAs), a set of accounts prepared by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that provides a logical and consistent framework for presenting statistics on U.S. economic activityStrategic management represents a theoretical concept first introduced by Peter Drucker in the mid-20th century. The idea behind strategic management is that organizations will be better equipped to meet their goals and objectives if the owners and managers adopt a clear business philosophy. For many businesses, that philosophy will be to increase their share of the market.

The impact of corporate earnings – Business Policy and Strategy

The only aspects of your report are the trends, facts or best practices. Also, this study examines the impact of corporate earnings restatements on strategic leaders. We hypothesize that restatement firms will attempt to reestablish  by removing the leadership associated with the restatement eventAs predicted, restatement firms are nearly twice as likely to experience turnover in CEO, CFO, board, and audit committee positions, compared to a matched sampleRestatement firms are also more likely to rely on outside CEO succession and to eliminate CEO duality. Additionally, Policy deals with routine/daily activities essential for effective and efficient running of an organization. While strategy deals with strategic decisions. 

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