The assignment concentrates on Immigration rights in Arizona. Also, there is an analysis of the argumentative research paper. So, apply strategies to achieve emphasis in writing.

Immigration rights in Arizona-argumentative research paper

Assignment 3


·         Apply the steps for writing a research paper

·         Apply strategies to achieve emphasis in writing

 Apply the rules of spelling to correct spelling issues in writing samples

·         Describe MLA style and when it should be used

Assignment Overview

This writing assignment asks students to compose an argumentative research paper.


·         An argumentative research paper, at least 10 pages in length, containing at least eight sources cited using MLA style.

·         Follow MLA formatting to list your name, course name, and date on the top left of the first page and your last name and page number in the header on the top right of all pages (explore the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website for examples and review the MLA checklist in Step 7).

Immigration rights in Arizona-argumentative research paper

Firstly, Works Cited’ page(s) are not included in the page requirements. Secondly, your assignment will be graded according to the Lumerit Course Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Please reference this rubric when completing each assignment.


Any debatable topic is acceptable for this assignment. Due to the length requirements, complex topics such as gun control, immigration law, abortion rights, and capital punishment are not recommended. If these issues interest you, find a specific instance or aspect of the topic to research. For example, you might want explore how other cities and states responded to the recent laws concerning immigration rights in Arizona; such a project is more focused (and more interesting) than addressing immigration rights in general.

Consider addressing a topic that is personally important to you, including issues related to health, beauty, family life, and career decisions. The more relevant your topic is to your priorities, the more likely you are to write in an engaging, compelling way.

Detailed Instructions


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