2016-2021.DAX 40. How does the impact the classification of financial asset under IFRS 9 on DAX 40.For more detail please see attached file.
Thank you for helping me. Can you see the requirement and all chat history here? shall i upload it again? i dont need any theoretical analysis of IFRS 9. Please just start the analysis of companies.
Can you please start data analysis directly and comparing of these companies. For example: Introduce the classification of the companys financial assets before IFRS9, how the proportion of the amount in each financial asset category changes, and the relevant financial indicators. And the classification of the companys financial assets after the application of IFRS9, the change in the proportion, the impact on the relevant financial indicators, etc. There is no need to introduce IFRS 9 and comparing with 39.
all the analysis shall base on the financial data of listed company. If there is some special information from annual report, it would be also really important to mention. But I dont need those theory analysis, such as, how does IFRS 9 itself change what is the difference between IFRS 9 and IAS39. I only want to see the change of company under IFRS 9 and IAS 39. Rather than those theorical item.