What are some pressures you face as a student that challenge your ability to do the right thing? Do you expect to face more or fewer pressures as a leader? Discuss what some of  these pressures might be.

  If most adults are at a conventional level of moral development, what does this mean for their potential for moral leadership? 2022 latest answers

  How might understanding the difference between ‘‘fear’’ and ‘‘F.E.A.R.,’’ as described in the chapter, make you a better leader? Can you name an example from your own life of ‘‘false evidence appearing real’’?

  One finding is that when leaders are under stress so that fear and risk increase, they tend to revert to an authoritarian, command-and-control style. As a leader, how might you find the courage to resist this tendency?

 If you were in a position as a student similar to Mike McQueary at Pennsylvania State University, what do you think you would do? Why?

 Should serving others be placed at a higher moral level than serving oneself? Discuss.

  If it is immoral to prevent those around you from growing to their fullest potential, are you being moral?