Application Section


1.Identify two current “cool” trends in consumer society and evaluate their lasting impact on people and the environment.

I think it is a big consumption trend for many people to choose green products and health-conscious products. For the environment, many green products are also a way to protect the environment. These consumer trends of choosing products based on health also protect the quality and standard of living of human beings.


2.What values and behaviours are the most important to you? How will these values and behaviours allow you to become a responsible citizen in the 21st century?


From my point of view it is an important value to learn to communicate in the 21st century. Nowadays, the pace of society is developing so fast that people don’t have much time to communicate. A little more communication and exchange of emotions would bring the whole society closer together.


3.Make up a personal action plan for reducing the impact of a world issue of your choosing (i.e. hunger, climate change, etc.) and promoting sustainable development. Set and explain 1 short- and 1 long-term goal for your action plan. Include three specific, realistic actions in your plan that will allow you to reach your goals.


Reduce the world problem of hunger

Don’t waste food

Save to use

Increase arable land and reduce building land

Long-term goal: to create new resources to replace food for human consumption