Pick a controversial topic in sexuality from the list below. The purpose of this assignment is to focus on a controversial topic related to human sexuality that interests you and to demonstrate your expert knowledge about this topic. You should research and pull from the literature and include at least 6 references. These must come from Professional Peer Reviewed Journals. You may want to ask the online Lehman College Librarian for assistance in identifying Journals. Please note: Wikipedia, Websites, Magazines and Newspapers are NOT Professional Journals. You will have a total of 6 peer reviewed journals for this paper. You may also pull from the journals within the Course materials/journal selections tab if it pertains to your topic.
The paper should address the following questions:
1) Identify the controversial topic you selected and explain why it interests you personally. ( 1/2 page)
2) As a future health professional (or whatever your future career is), why is it important for you to know about this controversial topic. (1/2 page)
3) Compare this problem/issue to another country. ( e.g., , Discrimination against gay marriage in the US versus Uganda, Attitudes towards abortion in the US versus Canada; Attitudes toward prostitution in the US and the Netherlands; Attitudes toward sex education in schools in the US versus Indonesia; Sex trafficking view in the US versus Venezuela) . Please utilize peer reviewed articles.( approx. 2 pages)
4) Summarize the main ways this issue/problem is being addressed in the US and in the other country you have selected. Devote equal attention to both countries. Utilize peer reviewed articles ( approx. 1-2 pages)
Questions 3 and 4 go hand in hand which can together be (3 pages long)
5) If someone asked if you could recommend a website, movie/documentary, and a book about this issue/problem, what would you tell them. Write a brief blurb about each one, identifying the name, author/source, what it deals with specifically and what things this person would find interesting about each. You must write about all three (website, movie/documentary and book). I expect more than a sentence or two copied off the internet. The more detail you can give the better. ( 1 page)
6) Please include a conclusion which summarizes your thoughts on writing this paper. (1/2 page)
Your paper must follow APA Style 7th Edition standards. Please watch the full youtube video below for tips
• In text citations’ following APA formatting is a Must.
You should include each of the 6 sources in your bibliography page.
Controversial topics for research paper:
• Opposing views on marriage for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people
• Opposing views sex trafficking• Comprehensive school sexuality education v. abstinence-only education
• Opposing views on Sex Work
• Opposing views on censoring explicit erotic material
• Opposing views on sexual addiction
• Opposing views on sex offender registries
• Opposing views on legal abortion