New topic is Identify the barriers when using telehealth for primary care in Covid pandemic
It would be the quantitative research.
For articles review, there is a) b) c) and d) (see the examples at the bottom of Prospectus form.
a) And b) can be found in the abstract of the study
c) Need to investigate the results and discussion to see what they found for their study and what the limitation of their study and the GAP may be find in there and in the discussion.
d) Need to emphasize what were left from their study and to be the reason for the research topic.
In each article has some high-lighted in yellow for c).
Please read all over and dig-in for those important points! The Chair want to see the evident and how it supports the research problem and research GAP.
We need to provide the most challenges be found in each article review. Select those articles to write up the articles reviews (need satisfy the requirements as mentioned above)
Please refer to the link below: Conceptual framework versus theoretical framework | CW Authors
Make sure Theoretical Framework Whose theory is guiding thr study? Who developed the theory? How does it specifically guide the study?
The research questions should be in hypothesis questions