Describe your agency/organizations staff with their specific roles.Its a group project and I have slide number seven and eight to do and Hass to be at least 100 words on each side rest of the group is doing the rest of the assignment.
is a collaborative learning community assignment.
Develop a fictitious Social Service organization with your CLC group. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides and provide justifications for your created Social Service organization. Include the following in your presentation:
Develop a mission statement.
What services will your agency/organization provide?
Identify the city and state, and whether the location is rural, urban, or suburban.
Identify and describe a social service setting.
Describe your sources of income, including the benefits and challenges of each source.
Describe your agency/organizations staff with their specific roles.
This is what I have to write about on 2 slides Evaluate the strengths and challenges related to your service delivery system.