Research Approaches
Paper details:
Identify a topic that would correlate to the specified research design/approach related to your field of study.

Topic – Customer Segmentation in Health Insurance
Field of Study – Data Science

Remember, in computational sciences data is not always collected, but it can be simulated. You can consider research topics that require a quantitative design, but utilize data that is simulated or generated.

Note: You may want to consider topics that you can use for your Capstone Proposal.

Create a purpose statement to clearly summarize the specific topic and goals.

Provide 12 research questions that narrow the type of research to be conducted and the objective of the topic.

Create a research question/hypothesis that clearly predicts the possible outcome of the study.

Identify several parameters needed in conducting a literature review for this design/approach.

Special Note: Make sure one of the research approaches applies methods from calculus, linear algebra, or statistics, as this will be used in the Topic 4 Benchmark Assignment.

Then is 250500 words, explain which approach you feel would produce the best results and why compared to the other approaches. Make sure to include a discussion of the associated philosophical worldviews, research methods, and research strategies.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.