Identify a bill you would like to see passed by the federal legislature (you may use a current actual proposed bill or suggest a bill that has not yet been created). What specific steps are required for the bill to become law?

Quick Response

      The bill I would like to see passed by the federal legislature includes the Homeland Security Improvement Act. Its aim is increasing accountability, community engagement, and transparency within the Department of Homeland Security. It further calls for the provision of independent oversight of border security activities and enhanced training for the agents and officers of the customers and border protection. The bill is currently at the congress. In congress, a committee is established to investigate and collect information about the bill
CITATION Joh00 l 1033  (Johnson, 2

000). The committee reports to the house its findings, which are debated on and approved. The bill is forwarded to the senate who vote by voice after deliberations. When the majority passes the bill, it is sent to the president to be signed as a law.


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