The assignment discusses Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen. Besides, there is also a description of Energy and Industrial Strategy. So, demonstrate the ability to carry out internet searches.

Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen – Energy and Industrial Strategy

The UK’s new and existing buildings must adjust to a low carbon economy (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). Firstly, investing in renewable and energy efficient projects is crucial to help UK to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The development of Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell energy storage systems will have significant economic benefits and will deliver deep cuts in CO2 emissions. Secondly, this assignment is based on a competition challenging entrant to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of UK industrial buildings by 50%. Thirdly, the following information is provided in the accompanied brief file:

Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen – Energy and Industrial Strategy

a. Photographs of the Raleigh Technical Design Ltd (RTD) headquarters building. Also, the site energy information, which includes brief description of the following: Firstly, floor areas and electrical consumption. Secondly, annual electricity cost. Thirdly, current working schedules. Additionally, energy consumption of the building is monitored and hourly electricity consumption is provided for this study. Based on an electricity price of 15.9 p/kWh, floor area of 371.6 m2 and CO2 conversion factor of 0.2556 kg/kWh of electricity from the UK Grid.

Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen – Energy and Industrial Strategy

So, develop an understanding of physical, technological and economic factors that determine the design and use of renewable Hybrid Solar PV/RHFC energy systems. 2. Apply a characterisation method to estimate the site solar resource. 3. Perform an in-depth design and analysis of the renewable Solar PV/RHFC power generation concept to cope with the electricity demand of the industrial building. 4. Demonstrate the ability to present results in a structured written report. 5. Demonstrate the ability to carry out internet searches for up-to-date technical information on renewable Solar PV/RHFC technological solutions and products.

Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen – Energy and Industrial Strategy

The main purpose is to provide knowledge and understanding of a Hybrid Solar PV/Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell energy technology and its parametric design integration with dynamic electrical loads.

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