Interpersonal Relations Case 15.1 – The One Cent Ethical Dilemma


Answer the Case Questions at the end of the case attached. In addition, answer the following directives to complete your case study:


What actions do you recommend Rajah take about his concerns with respect to the new one-cent-in-change policy?

Explain whether you think Rajah should blow the whistle on his employer.

What is your opinion of the ethics of the new policy about withholding one-cent-in-change?

Is there a need for ethics training? If so, why?

How often should ethics training take place? Why?

By having ethics training, what can the employer and employees learn?

Your case study must be a minimum of two, but no more than three pages, excluding any title or reference pages. All sources used must have citations and references formatted in APA style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.