Human Exceptionalities Learning activity review –
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Journal Article Review
You are expected to provide a brief summary, in your own words, of each assigned learning activity AND a summary of an additional peer reviewed journal article, chosen by you, that relates to a topic of your choice within each module.

You may find the journal articles through the ESC library. A peer review journal is one where any article being submitted that is the result of research or a theoretical proposal must go through a review process. This article is sent by the editors of the journal to 2-3 professionals (peers) with expertise in the same content area. Only if the article is considered to make a new and accurate contribution to the field will it be accepted for publication. You often hear about information from these articles, such as those from The New England Journal of Medicine through secondary sources, such as broadcasters or professionals; but to read the articles, you would need to access the journal. If the information is being presented orally in professionally regulated conferences, the proposal for the presentation must also go through a similar peer review process before being accepted. In this way a field polices itself by making sure (as much as possible) that information that is treated as knowledge is accurate.

The summary of each chapter or article should be no longer than a paragraph–at least aim for that length. The summary can take many forms, but it must have something of you in it. I do not want just the words from the book or article; I want to see the process of your understanding. What do you think about the reading? Does it ring true for you, or do you disagree? Can you apply it to anything in your own life or experiences?

For this module, submit summaries for Chapters 1, 5, the DVD, Big Enough, and your choice of a journal article.

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required book : Human Exceptionalities 12th Edition Michael L. Hardman