The assignment discusses Human Development Applied Analysis. Additionally, there is a description of language and intelligence used. So, analyze three domains of this person’s development.

Human Development Applied Analysis

Description For your essay you will choose either a person from your own life or a fictional character from a book, television show or movie and conduct a case study of their development. You will analyze three domains of this person’s development; domains are listed below for your reference. You must apply at least two distinct concepts within each chosen domain. All concepts should be introduced with a strong definition/explanation in your own words and the subsequent analyses must use specific supporting information to clarify the connections between a given concept and your interpretation of the chosen character’s development. The level of critical analysis demonstrated in your essay is of great importance!

Human Development Applied Analysis

Review the grading rubric carefully, along with the critical thinking resources on Blackboard. Challenge yourself throughout the writing process. Assume you will need to edit your paper multiple times for clarity, adherence to the prompt, accurate inclusion of concepts, and strength of analysis. The developmental domains we have studied, of which you will analyze three, are as follows: § Physical § Includes genetics § Neurological § Cognitive § Includes language and intelligence § Social-Emotional § Construction of the “self” § Morality § Gender and sexuality For ideas regarding relevant topics to focus on I recommend referring to the list of concepts from our midterm synthesis (posted on Blackboard) and the glossary of your textbook.

Human Development Applied Analysis

FORMATTING GUIDELINES: § Approximately 5 pages long § Times New Roman, size 12 § Double-spaced § 1-inch margins on all sides § APA-style parenthetical citations §You must cite paraphrasing and direct quotes from the textbook, when applicable. §You do not need to use additional resources (i.e. scholarly articles) but you are welcome to, as long as the source is credible and you cite properly. § No cover page § Reference list only if you choose to include additional resources.

Detailed Instructions


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