This assignment focuses on Human Cloning Dilemma. Also, touches on beneficiary of the cloning process. What is the impact of cloning on others who are not the primary beneficiaries of cloning?

Human Cloning Dilemma-beneficiary of the cloning process

Assignment 16 :Human Cloning Dilemma. In this activity, you are asked to prepare a defense of your position either supporting or opposing cloning. Choose whatever cloning procedure.  Or issue interests you and give your defense to a group of scientists, physicians, ethicists, and clergy. This activity is comprised of three parts. An APA-formatted bibliography is required. (100 points).  (A 3-page response required for the combination of Parts A, B and C.) .

Part A First, research the opposing position to your own and define the arguments that support that position. Besides, you should be as comprehensive as possible and cite the sources you use.  Also, Pay particular attention to the focus of the cloning subject you are presenting. That is, is the position focused on the clone or another beneficiary of the cloning process?

Human Cloning Dilemma-beneficiary of the cloning process

Additionally, What are the justifications, benefits, and rationale for the position?.  Firstly, What is the accrued value to the patient, family, or society? .  Secondly, examine the position from medical, ethical, moral, and public policy perspectives. Finally you should summarize the opposing position. (25 points). Part B Critique the position you presented in Part A. Focus your critique on the three (3) areas identified below. (35 points) 1. What is the impact of the opposing position on the primary beneficiary of cloning?

2. What is the impact of cloning on others who are not the primary beneficiaries of cloning? 3. What is the potential impact of cloning on our society?  Also, You must properly reference and document your examination and analysis of the opposing position in APA style and present a summary of your conclusions. Part C Now present your position and argue its benefits. You must provide at least four (4) Also, justifications for the argument you are making. 

Detailed Instructions


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