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Write an analysis of an outdated educational policy. Locate an outdated educational policy about the use of technology in the classroom either from your school, an outdated text on school technology, or the Internet. (Note: Include a copy of the policy at the end of your paper as an APA Appendix.) Analyze your selected, outdated educational policy against current practices in PK-12 education using information from peer-reviewed research. Consider the leadership role you would perform in changing this obsolete educational policy by addressing the following items: Include the NPBEA standards pertaining to the policy. Explain why this policy change was selected, the importance to schools in general, and to the type of education-related setting in which you work or aspire to work.

Quick Response

Technology advancement is one of the trends that are changing and shaping education. Technology has encouraged diversity and uniformity of experiences in the learning institutions. The existence of technology has influenced the education systems and trends through inspiring innovative approaches used in the classroom (OECD, 2005). The new approaches tend to make part of the education policies to be obsolete and paving way for other policies that incorporate technology in education. One of the outdated policies includes the school cellphone policy. This is because technology is being used in the expansion of classroom content. Therefore, students need the smartphones and the computers to help them access content and investigate various matters respectively…

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