How the effect on preventing unprotected sex among teenagers under the sex education in Hong Kong Official education.

Outline for Writing a Research Paper  (1,000 – 1,200 words). Sample of an argumentative style essay can be found in lesson 7. Include  at least 4 academic sources,  such  as  peer  reviewed  journal  articles,  scholarly  books,  and  government reports.  In  addition  to  the  minimum  number  of  required  academic  sources,  you  are  permitted  to  use  media sources, providing they are from established, reliable sources. You are required to include the word count of your writing at the end of your assignment. Keep a copy of any print source in case your lecturer asks to see them; do not include them with your assignment. 

Example  of  an  argumentative  structure:  Present  your  pro-arguments  (arguments  that  affirm  and  support  the thesis),  counter-argument (previous opinions/arguments that are opposed to the thesis, used to show that you have  a  greater  understanding  of  your  issue,  not  just  a  one-sided  view)  and  refutations (an  evaluation  of  the counter-arguments that shows its errors).  Note that the above may be presented in any order that you like as long as  there  is  a  natural  and  logical  flow  of  information.  Be  sure  to  cite  the  sources  of  all  the  arguments/counter- arguments. The  number  of  counter-arguments  and  refutation/pro-arguments  may  vary.  However,  this  paper  should  have  a minimum of three arguments and at least one counter-argument . Conclusion Restate main ideas and the thesis (paraphrase – do not copy what you have already written).

References Follow the APA style and present a list of all sources included in the paper. A hardcopy must be submitted to the lecturer and a softcopy uploaded to Turnitin.  The assignment must be an original work; you must not reuse/recycle assignments from previous semesters or other courses, as this also constitutes plagiarism.