A​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍​ssignment 1 

This multimodal essay assignment asks you to think about a specific technology and to hypothesize about how it has changed or will change in the future and the impact that change will have on our society.

 Step One: The first step is to think about which technologies are of interest to you and the questions you have about those technologies. Some of the what if questions that we might ask include: 

How has technology changed the way that we write? 

How has Facebook impacted relationships? 

What is the future of social media? How has the sharing economy (which has brought us Uber, Lyst, AirBNB, and so on) influenced our culture?

 Many people claim that Facebook is no longer “cool” and that members of the younger generation are migrating to other social media platforms, such as Instagram; however, reports suggest that the number of active Facebook users increases by the millions each year. What accounts for the growing number of Facebook users? Social networking platforms must work to stay continually relevant as more and more platforms become available. 

What is the future of Facebook, Instagram, Path, or another similar network? What changes need to be made in order to ensure that this network or platform will remain relevant in the future? These are questions that are meant to get you started. You are welcome to use one of these questions to develop your article, or you can create your own question that focuses on technology, relationships, and the future.

 Step Two: Once you have identified a question that you are interested in that is connected to a specific technology and the influence it has had or will have in the future, you will want to research to learn more about the technology, its history and future before making predictions. You must find at least two articles that contain information that is relevant to your essay as you will need to quote them within your writing and include the citations in your Reference page. This research will help to ground your predictions in research. Be sure to take notes as you research before you begin to write your essay. 

Step Three: Using the research you have found, and your own thoughts, write your own multimodal essay in which you share your future predictions about this technology and how it has or will impact our society in the future. You may create this document in PowerPoint, a blog, or another presentation method, such as Prezi. Deliverables

 Your presentation must include the following items: 1. Title 2. Headers for each section 3. Introduction 4. Thesis statement 5. 3-5 Main Topics that relate to the thesis statement 6. Conclusion 7. 3-5 images 8. 5 embedded links 9. One other type of multimedia addition (examples–YouTube Video, Powtoon, Prezi, PowerPoint, Comic, Pinterest Board, GIFS etc) 10. Be sure to bring in at least two direct quotes from each of the articles and to cite them properly both in-text and in your Reference page. 11. Must be easy to read and attractive 12. Fulfill the topic assigned