This assignment explores How social media impacts communication. It also touches on the positive and negative impact of communication.

How social media impacts communication-positive and negative impact

Using your research to support your claims, you will compose an essay that argues whether social media improves or damages communication. Your essay must contain the following: Introduction.  In the first paragraph, state your thesis and provide a summary of your main topics.  Discussing how social media impacts communication. You should consider both the potential positive and negative impact social media engagement can have professionally. Body: In 3-4 paragraphs, discuss your main topics on how  media impacts communication and how its use can positively or negatively impact you professionally.

How social media impacts communication-positive and negative impact

You should include both perspectives in your essay, and support your claims with research (using the information from the 3 articles you chose for Unit 3, ensuring that there is at least one APA style in-text citation for each of those 3 articles throughout your essay). Conclusion: In the final paragraph, conclude your essay by summarizing your main topics. References page: Create a references page following APA formatting to list all references used in this essay. You should have a minimum of 3 references, at least 2 of which must have come from the CTU Library. You may use the Unit 4 Individual Project Template to complete this assignment: Be sure to remove the instructions from the template prior to submission.

Detailed Instructions


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