SUBJECT: QLRP (Qualitative Research Report)

Research Topic/Title: How Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd) Psychologically Affected Young Adults Going Through Emotional And Mental And Health Challenges?

Background Information (include definitions)

  • Significance of the research problem (why is this problem or issue a concern for society)
  • State the problem or challenge
  • Explain research purpose
  • State significance of research study (benefit of your study)
  • Thesis Statement (e.g. This research study will explain why)

Literature Review

  • Main findings in your research topic (6 to 8 findings from academic literature)
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Highlight how your research fits in Methodology (in relation to the research topic)
  • Benefits of qualitative research
  • Sampling strategy
  • Data collection method
  • The benefit of the data collection method
  • Ethics protocol (e.g. How participants were contacted and interviewed, how data is stored and how the confidentiality of participants is protected).
  • Data analysis method. Findings (Use themes to categorise)
  • One of the major findings in this study indicates that
  • A key finding from the data analysis showed that
  • Mental health is a core area picked up from the data analysis.