The Model here is similar to a QM model in that we can look at a car wash in two ways, either using machines or using labor

. In this model and due to globalization in Britain, why  do you suppose that more hand wash car washers are replacing machine washes?

 How might the fact that the EU regulates Drive through Car Washes but does not do the same for a 5-man car washes?

 How does increases in Government regulation could also make a difference with the decreases in Drive through Wash establishments over the past 5 years?


 Why do you suppose the people in Russia are willing to remain in longer lines than the people of United States after watching that huge que that goes for several block of the first McDonald’s that comes to Russia.

 Also, why do you suppose the McDonald’s store size in Moscow is much larger than here?

 Finally, how has U.S. firms like McDonald’s contributed to the Americanization of countries, like Russia?