1)How large is your organization? Freelancer, small business, corporation or enterprise.




2)How many employees including yourself?




3)Would you buy more units if they were quantity discounts?




4)If the average salary for a staff accountant is $35 to $40 per hour, and it takes about 1 hour to obtain a sign W-9, at which dollar amount pay for each W-9 would you pay or not pay?  




5)Do you know that following up with vendors concerning bounced and unresponsive emails and mail requests is time consuming?  




6)Do you know that these extra steps and action increases the cost to process a W-9?  




7)Are you aware that IRS could disallow vendor payment if it does find completed W-9s file during a 1099 audit?




8)Do you know if you have obtained a completed W-9 from a vendor you must begin withholding 24% of the amount due to the vendor for taxes?




9)Do you agree that the administrative burden of withholding 24% of vendor payment and remitting to the IRS is time consuming?




10)Do you know if you do not withhold 24% of vendor payment due to a failure to obtain a completed W-9 you could be held responsible to over the 24%?




11)Did you know that the IRS requires a vendor complete a W-9 upon your initial contact?




12)Would you pay for this service?  




13)Do you know that the longer you wait in the year to obtain a completed W-9 the more difficult it become especially as it gets closer to December 31st?