for your midterm presentation, choose a genre of television and explore how it developed, how it changed over time and why it remains popular or fell out of favor.

Example: variety shows, and soap operas have largely disappeared from tv, but medical and legal shows remain popular while westerns have seen a comeback with shows like Yellowstone and 1883.

How has tv changed society, embraced it, or how the genre helped foster change. These are just a few suggestions to help you get started. The choice is yours. As soon as you identify your topic, please email me for approval. I am available via email for ideas, and suggestions as well.

You may create a Power Point, a Prezi, a YouTube video or an I Movie etc..
The assignment is due on October 17th. It should be about 5-7 minutes in length. You may use short video clips, but since this class has an oral component, you need to speak for the bulk of the presentation.