Answer the following questions:

Define the following terms and give examples:


system of linear equations

Determine whether ordered pair is a solution of the system of linear equations:

x + y = 8

3x + 2y = 21

(2, 4)          b. (5, 3)

Solve system of linear equations by graphing:

x + y = 4

x – y = 2

Solve system of linear equations by the substitution method:

y = 3x + 1

4y – 8x = 12

How do you solve a system of two linear equations when using the addition method?

Solve this system of equations by the addition method:

4x + y = 13

2x – y = 5

Write a system of three linear equations in three variables that has (2, 1, 5) as a solution. Explain the process you used to write your system.

List the steps for Problem-Solving.

The measure of the largest scale of a triangle is 40o more than the measure of the smallest angle, and the measure of the remaining angle is 20o more than the measure of the smallest angle. Find the measure of each angle.

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