Writers can help but be influenced by the events and people around them. The question is: to what extent do these influences become part of their work and how do authors communicate their feelings/beliefs about the world around them?
For the research paper use the story Eveline by James Joyce and think about how the characters, setting, and themes in the story relate to the period in which it was written.
In an essay of at least five (5) pages, discuss how the story is an analysis of the social, economic, and cultural values of that time period. Also discuss how the writer make opinions about that world clear to the reader.
In order to write the essay you will need to conduct some research on the historical context AND literary criticism about your storys author. Be sure to support your position with specific passages from the story AND give credit to your outside sources within the body of your essay, as well as in a separate reference list in APA format. Visit this website for guidance on writing a literary analysis research paper and click on the link below to access a literary analysis rubric.