How do the Bases of Competence relate to leadership and dependability?  • How can a leader effectively rebuild a team that has suffered under poor  leadership and performance? 2022 Latest Answers  

(e) Mindfulness —the daily “Huddle” provided insight into current and

emergent issues, instituted a “management by walking around” cul

ture ; restricted intra-team email.

(f) Motivation :

• Developed a Purpose and Values statement and then established

Sub- Team Goals; linked these to individual Job Descriptions, the

documented Procedural framework (clear roles/accountabilities) and

individual Goals and Objectives (performance management).

• Reinforced positive achievements through routine and ad hoc com

munication with the Team.

• Addressed performance issues proactively.

• Communicated situational change impacts immediately with the

team once they were known.

• Publicly defended unwarranted client criticisms.