The assignment concentrates on Hong Kong Climate change report. Also, there is a description of  Climate model output. So, you are required to propose creative and original climate applications using climate scenarios.

Hong Kong Climate change report-Climate model output

 A two-page climate change report for Hong Kong. Paper details:

Our third report is a group climate study using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios (RCP4.5). The aim of this study is to propose creative and original climate applications using climate scenarios and the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) data ( This two-page report also has no-page-limit for appendices. In appendix, each student can write his or her contribution and reflection on the results. There should be no more than one paragraph for each student. On 16 April 2020, a soft copy of the report should submit to Moddle before 1:00am, and a signed hard copy should be submitted to Teaching Assistant’s office before 5:30pm. Any late soft or hard submissions no more than a week are subject to a 20% mark deduction.

Hong Kong Climate change report-Climate model output

The late submissions no more than two weeks are subject to a 40% mark deduction. This assignment will not be graded if it is late longer than two weeks. • Introduction • Hong Kong Climate (10%) • Climate model output (10%) • • The multi-model ensemble means • RCP4.5 • Analysis • Climate analysis results (20%) • Application discussion (20%) • Conclusion (10%) • Figures (10%) • Originality (10%) • Clarity (10%). Today, let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite matrix application problem, Leontief input-output models. You might know them simply as “technology matrix” problems, but actually the technology matrix is only one part of the problem. The really interesting part is in the derivation of the matrix equation – something that most finite math courses seem to gloss over in the end-of-semester frenzy.

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