understand or deepened the HIV/AIDS awareness project. 
There is a sample at the end how the paper should be rewritten
    Establish a clear main idea from the beginning the paper.
    Organize each section of your paper to follow a clear pattern.
    Make sure each element of your paper is in service of your main idea.
    Organized according to 3-4 relevant categories of research HIV/AIDS workshops in the African American Project. It should entail a discussion of relevant research and conclusions related to that subject, while interacting with various sources (approximately 5-7 per category).
    Proposed methodological directions are consistent with scholarly opinion, or if divergent, the weaknesses or inadequacies of previous research is understood
    Contrary or controversial opinions are fairly and objectively considered
    A historical context for the current investigation
    Pattern of inquiry as presented in the literature is related to HIV/AIDS awareness in the black community.