This assignment focuses on History of sugars in our bodies. On the other hand, there is as well a description of Links of sugar to dementia

History of sugars in our bodies-Links of sugar to dementia

(1) Part of your paper will cover the following on sugar: what, when, where, and why – what is it, when was it discovered/start showing up into our diets, where is it found (food-wise, grown, etc.), and why all of the fuss or why it has become a staple food. The other part of your paper will include the following: What sugar does to our bodies – neurologically, digestively, cardiovascularly, etc.? Is there evidence of sugar being the culprit to our ever-growing waistline and increased diabetes?

History of sugars in our bodies-Links of sugar to dementia

Links of sugar to dementia and Alzheimer’s? Sugar linked to autism? a. You DO NOT need to include ALL of the listed topics above. You MUST include at least one (1) disease that is sugar-related and research it as it relates to sugar. i. THIS IS YOUR BIG RESEARCH PART OF THE PAPER. You need to find out how sugar affects our bodies, whether you find how it affects positively or negatively, there must be research-based evidence. NO FEWER THAN 10 PRIMARY LITERATURE SOURCES. These sources include, but are not limited to, research papers, articles, dissertations, and theses which can be found from NC LIVE, Google Scholar, PubMed, NCBI, etc.

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