This assignment explores History and Systems of Psychology. There is also an overview of Thomas Hobbes’s laws of social life.

History and Systems of Psychology-Thomas Hobbes’s laws of social life

History and Systems of Psychology Directions: Sources must be cited in APA format. Therefore, your response should be three (3) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements. This assignment requires you to write essays in response to all of the following: 1. In your own words, describe the influence of William of Ockham on the history of psychology. 2. Secondly, provide an overview of Thomas Hobbes’s laws of social life. 3. In a summary fashion, describe the romantic revolt, including its effects on psychology.

History and Systems of Psychology-Thomas Hobbes’s laws of social life

Human behavior is often confusing and inexplicable to observers. The media bombards us with references to post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic behavior, and even the assurance that an individual is ‘just crazy.’ Psychologists use some of these terms, but they use them in a precise manner. The modern science of psychology is the result of a long process of experimental observation and theory crafting.

Originally, psychologists had sought to quantify human behavior with ideals developed from the physical sciences. Also, behavior came to be viewed in terms that would be applied with equal validity to machines. For instance, there was a great deal of emphasis on provoking a desired response by means of a proper input, thus engineering behavior. Besides, Some psychologists and other social scientists felt that these terms dehumanized subjects.

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