The assignment discusses “Immunocapital”Historian Kathryn Olivarius. Besides, there is also a description of motives of anti-vaccinators. So, explain resistance to vaccination in the nineteenth-century.

“Immunocapital”Historian Kathryn Olivarius-motives of anti-vaccinators

Firstly, historian Kathryn Olivarius invented the term “immunocapital”. Secondly, he meant to describe the advantages white residents of New Orleans could get from having immunity to yellow fever. According to Olivarius, New Orleanians could use “immunocapital” to acquire other types of capital. Social, cultural, and economic. “Most unacclimated migrants bought into immunocapital and the hierarchy it created believing that the system would benefit them eventually,” writes Olivarius. Is “immunocapital” a transferable concept? Consider attitudes towards smallpox vaccination in nineteenth-century London.

“Immunocapital”Historian Kathryn Olivarius-motives of anti-vaccinators

Additionally, Vaccination was supposed to give life-long immunity to smallpox. yet laws for mandatory vaccination did not win favor among working-class residents of London. Many Londoners opposed the practice of vaccination against smallpox and protested against the Compulsory Vaccination Act of 1853, which made vaccination mandatory for all infants born in England or Wales. Evidently, they did not equate vaccination to “immunocapital.” While Olivarius’s idea of “immunocapital” is not directly transferable, we can borrow from her work to understand resistance to vaccination. How can we do this? We can analyze the motives of anti-vaccinators using the concept of capital – social, cultural, and economic.

“Immunocapital”Historian Kathryn Olivarius-motives of anti-vaccinators

Your task: Use the concept of capital to explain resistance to vaccination in the nineteenth-century. Drawing from Nadja Durbach’s study of anti-vaccinators, explain why many working-class Londoners worried that compulsory vaccination would diminish their or their child’s capital – social, cultural, and/or economic. Your essay should have 3 sections: In section 1, you should explain the procedure of smallpox vaccination and the Compulsory Vaccination Acts based on Nadja Durbach’s article. 

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