The assignment entails Healthy Aging case study. Also, there is an analysis of Integrity vs Despair. So, demonstrate knowledge of aging from the perspective of an aging individual. 

Healthy Aging case study-Integrity vs Despair

Instructions for the Case Study: Healthy Aging
Firstly, this is the final assignment in the Healthy Aging course. Secondly, in this assignment, students will pull together what has learned over the semester. Also, apply it through the development of a case study of an older individual (at least 65 years of age, anyone). It is preferable that the choice of individual is not well known. Since it is more difficult to be objective, and students might rely on the individual for information rather than memory or knowledge of the person.

Healthy Aging case study-Integrity vs Despair

Thirdly, if the person is not well known there may be less difficulty in identifying certain aspects that could be problematic if a close friend or relative. Students will meet with the individual and perform the components from the description below. The goal of the assignment is twofold. First, to demonstrate knowledge of aging from the perspective of an aging individual, and second, to apply knowledge by performing the assigned assessments as described below. The paper will then tie the information that collected together into the prescribed format listed below

Healthy Aging case study-Integrity vs Despair

Introduction:  Interview the individual and describe and introduce him/her, please do not use real names. Take about half-one page to describe who the person is. Age, gender, occupation and status (retired?), appearance, living situation, likes/dislikes. Hobbies, anything else that will describe the person. (2 points) Developmental stage: Describe the developmental stage, using the person’s life as a way to illustrate the stage, explain. Integrity vs Despair and explain where the person fits into these, and why. This section should be about half a page. (2 points).

Detailed Instructions


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