Healthcare organizations have intellectual assets to protect. How do you present to board the need to utilize smart room technology?

How do you present to the transition to voice-assisted technology for diagnostics?



The 10 PowerPoint Slides. This would not include a Title slide and an ending Reference Slide.

Include an introductory slide that properly introduces the topic.

Include a slide that states the objectives of this presentation.

Include a summary slide that effectively concludes the presentation.

Include speaker notes in the note section of each slide, write what you would say if you were presenting the slide.

The last slide should be a Reference slide that gives your sources in APA format.

Remember that PowerPoints should be concise. Avoid a lot of text. You are addressing the main points.

Your slides must have a logical and sequential flow of relevant information.

A minimum of two outside sources are required in addition to the textbook case.

Note: WIKIs, such as Wikipedia, are not allowed. They are not credible resources. For example, I could put information on Wikipedia about how to perform heart transplant surgery, but I am not a heart surgeon. Would you want to use my information?